Adidja Azim Palmer (born 7 January 1976) better known as Vybz Kartel, is a Jamaican dancehall reggae artist, songwriter and businessman.
His entertainment career began in 1993, Vybz Kartel got involved into entertainment industry, when he was still a teenager. At that time, he recorded his first song called “Love Fat Woman,” under the moniker Adi Banton. The song was released under the label called One Heart, which is owned by Alvin Reid. Soon, he joined a band called “Vybez Kartel”. When the band broke up, he still wanted to stay in the industry and changed the band’s name slightly, so that he would go on by it, and this is how his stage name Vybz Kartel was created. Also, Vybz Kartel started to collaborate with Bounty Killer at that time and claimed that he has written more than 20 songs for that artist.
Kartel rose to prominence in 2003 when a string of hits in Jamaica culminated in a pre-conceived on-stage clash with Ninjaman at the annual dancehall festival ‘Sting’ in Kartel’s hometown of Portmore, Jamaica, which escalated to violence and resulted in Kartel and Ninjaman making a public apology to the organizers of the event. Vybz Kartel began to get more attention when he appeared on Jamaican stage. Soon after, Vybz Kartel founded his own record label called Adidjahiem Records. Under this label, Vybz Kartel released the album titled “Pon di Gaza 2.0” in collaboration with Ainsley Morris of Notnice Records. The album was released in collaboration with another label, too, which was Tads Records, Inc.
Controversy followed Kartel once again when he came under fire over an accusation of ‘bleaching’ his skin with a special soap.
In 2011, Vybz Kartel’s album was released called “Kingston Story”, which also featured a well known hip hop artist named Dre Skull. Thus, his career in the hip hop scene started to rise and it also began to add bigger sums of money to Vybz Kartel net worth. In addition, Vybz Kartel has also collaborated with many other artists, such as Rihanna, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Akon, Eminem, Lil Wayne and many others. These collaborations also added up to the current sum of Vybz Kartel net worth.
In another controversial scenario, the National Communications Network of Guyana banned Kartel from the airwaves in 2011, citing “obscene lyrics” and that his music brought “nothing positive” to the entertainment industry.
In yet another controversy—this time resulting in felony charges—Kartel was reportedly arrested in September of 2011 in Jamaica on possession of marijuana charges and later charged with the murder of Jamaican businessman Barrington Burton, as well as conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm.
It has been stated that the current amount of Vybz Kartel net worth is 5.5 million US dollars. However, some sources have stated that it reaches only 1 million dollars. Vybz Kartel has accumulated his net worth through his careers as a rapper, Jamaican dancehall artist as well as a businessman. Vybz Kartel might be remembered because of his songs, including “Poor People”, “Pon de Floor”, “Romping Shop”, “Tell You Say”, “Clarks” and “Like Christmas. Thus, it appears that he has released quite a few well received singles, sales of which also added revenues to Vybz Kartel net worth.
Run the World (Girls) is a song recorded by American recording artist Beyoncé, from her fourth studio album (2011), released as the lead single from the album on April 21, 2011, was written by Adidja Palmer.
One of his business ventures is his own liquor store called “Street Vybz Rum”. The rum is known to be distributed by another company of his, called Vybz Distillers Limited.


Chin with gully bop for the money and fame

Popular emcee Nuffy is lashing out at dancehall couple, Shauna Chin and Gully Bop, labelling them as ‘ginnals’. The emcee’s comments come weeks after wild accusations from Gully Bop’s fiancĂ©, Shauna Chin, that she was being ‘obeahed’.
According to Nuffy, it was he who first introduced the idea of a romantic relationship with Gully Bop to Shauna Chin, who expressed disgust at the suggestion.
“She tell me say him have ‘junjo’ pon him teeth, so she nuh want him. But because she realise say she can make a money off a him, she run go start kiss him up. Gully Bop teeth have three colour – brown up a the top, yellow inna the middle and brown a the end. Which sensible woman wudda kiss a man like that?,” Nuffy asked.
He added that he had warned Heavy D, Gully Bop’s former booking agent, about them, as Chin had no clue about managing an artiste.
“Sorry fi mawga dog dem tun roun’ bite you. A Heavy D sort out bank book and passport fi dem, and look how dem treat him? Gully Bop, a you same one come cry to we say you think Chin a scam you, but you fraid fi talk because she have a video wid you a do sum’n,” Nuffy said.
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Buju Banton will NOT get deportation request says his attorney

Buju Banton’s request to “be released and deported to Jamaica” following a recent change in federal drug sentencing guidelines maybe in vain.
The federal probation office in the Middle District of Florida has identified 1,748 inmates, originally sentenced in Tampa on drug charges, as potentially eligible to benefit from a change, known as Drugs Minus 2 which reduces sentencing guidelines for most drug offenses by two levels.
However, Buju Banton’s lawyer Charles Olgetree says he does not believe Buju will benefit from the recent change in federal drug sentencing guidelines because the reggae entertainer is not eligible.


In his motion, Buju argues he should be sentenced to 92 months in prison under the new guidelines. He says he’s been “working in prison since his incarceration” and has displayed “very good conduct’’ behind bars.
The defendants who will benefit from the change in federal drug sentencing guidelines will be eligible for release November 1, 2015.
Buju Banton who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence in the United States for his conviction on a charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine is scheduled for a 2019 release.
Buju was convicted in February 2011 after being arrested in 2010 following a sting-operation at a warehouse in Sarasota Florida.

Mr. Vegas Reveals Boxing Challenge To Bounty Killa Was A Joke…

Mr. Vegas is challenging Bounty Killa to a boxing match and is willing pay US$50K .
A video of Vegas’ challenge to the War Lord t has been making the rounds on the internet.
However, Vegas tells Music News that the boxing challenging is nothing serious as it was just a hypothetical questioned asked by an interviewer.


Local sources have reported that, the judge who presided at the Vybz Kartel murder trial has put off the entertainer’s sentencing until April 3.
Justice Campbell made the pronouncement in the Home Circuit Court a short while ago (Thurs Mar27, 14).

Reports are that at that time, the lawyers representing Vybz Kartel and the three other accused are expected to provide certain information to help in the sentencing. 
The judge said that he had sent a letter to the defence lawyers requesting certain information regarding the convicts; however he is yet to get the information. He said he wanted to find out if someone with artistic talent like Kartel is allowed to continue producing music while in prison. 
He wanted to know if there were such allowances, if he could make an order for the proceeds of the recordings to go towards the estate of the deceased. 
However, the defence lawyers say they did not get the letter from the court making said request. 
This morning when Tavares-Finson was making his submission in relation to Kartel, he mentioned that the Director of Public Prosecution, Paula Llewellyn is now trying to change the protocol in relation to the handling of evidence in her office.  However, Llewellyn told the court that she said no such thing. 
She reportedly also denied claims by Tavares-Finson that she would be launching an investigation into the conduct of the investigators in the Kartel case.

Vybz Kartel is expected to be sentenced tomorrow

Local source have reported that the police will close off several roadways in the downtown Kingston area surrounding the Supreme Court building where convicted murderer Vybz Kartel is expected to be sentenced tomorrow (Thurs Mar 27). 
In a media statement this morning, the police said the roads will be closed between 9a.m. and 5p.m. tomorrow. King Street, on which the Supreme Court building is located, will be closed to vehicular traffic between Harbour Street and South Parade. 
This means that motorists travelling from South Parade, Tower Street, Harbour Street and Barry Street will not be able to turn onto King Street and merchants and business operators will be allowed limited access to this area. 
Church Street will also be closed to vehicular traffic between South Parade and Tower Street. The police say only court officials and police vehicles will be able to access Church Street from the direction of South Parade or Tower Street. Motorists travelling from west of the island intending to use King Street to access Parade will instead use Orange Street and motorists travelling from the east of the island intending to access Parade will do so via East Queen Street. 
Reports are that police personnel will monitor all points of closure, and members of the public are asked to obey all instructions given by them.

Food Kartel Back After Carnal Abuse Dismissal

Entertainer Food Kartel whose career was marred due to legal troubles has resurfaced after the case of carnal abuse against the deejay was dismissed.
The entertainer, renowned for composing spoofs of popular dancehall hits, using lyrics based on food, says the case which affected his career greatly in 2011 was thrown out after six months.
In a Music News exclusive interview, Food Kartel explains that he’s considering legal action for defamation character. The deejay also speaks about his upcoming cultural singles.

Alkaline Pulls Out Of Boys & Girls Champs After Party

Controversial fast rising dancehall deejay Alkaline has announced that he will not perform at the Boys and Girls Champs after party because he was not officially booked.
According to the deejay’s new management, there is some confusion surrounding the date that was booked by the deejay’s former management team Cahban Rekords. Kereena Beckford explains.